10th GRYPHON Award

As a winner of 9th GRYPHON Award it is now my turn to say  – Competition for the best graphic design in the 2012th and 2013th years in Serbia, the Republic of Serbian and Montenegro has started.


The fun is over

Among other great works of my colleagues and friends, reproductions of my work Only serious – the fun is over are available in the Shock Cooperative’s ART ON SALE.

jovana budosan_samo ozbiljno zabava je zavrsena



Case – Results of the Public Tender City Department of Culture in 2013

These works are the result of Shock Cooperative initiatives and collaboration with Ivana Indjin, author of the analysis Results of the Public Tender City Department of Culture in 2013 (Novi Sad).

Case 1-6

Opening ŠOK zaDRUGA (ex KLINIKA)

Finally. The opening of the new space ŠOK zaDRUGA (ex KLINIKA) in Novi Sad.

ŠOK zaDRUGA ex- KLINIKA - plakat za otvaranje

Vacation Art

mali jova_umetnost godisnjeg odmora


Udarna vest

Udarna vest