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2019/04/26   Some early works done for “Art Clinic” on exibition “Contemporary Graphic Design in Novi Sad” in Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (MSUV).

2016/08/19   Additional Classes of Drawing” an group exibition.

2016/06/13   On “Gryphon Award” with work “40 Years of Television (RTV)”.

2016/04/12   Some new prints on Total Art Sale with Shock Cooperative in Art Expo, Novi Sad.

2016/04/05   Design of catalogue is in print for new exibition of Gordana Kaljalović.

2015/10/01   The finals of graphics for Nenad Milošević film “Druga linija”.

2015/09/01   RTV starts with celebrations. Happy television 40th birthday!

2015/06/13   13th Film Front Festival has Opened call (design launched).

2015/05/30   “Abundance” at exibition “Young”(Nis Art Foundation) in Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Niš, and 18th of June in Belgrade, Serbia.

2015/05/21   The list of artists who have applied for the “Mangelos Award” 2015 has been published and there is my “Work with no credibility (Rad bez pokrića)“.

2015/02/24   The exhibition “Evil does not sleep” will be opened tonight at the Shock Cooperative Gallery in Novi Sad, Serbia.